Powered Paragliding Equipment

No need to go anywhere else for your Powered Paragliding Equipment. At FLIGHTJUNKIES, we help you get started in this incredible sport with the best equipment available. Capt. Kurt will personally train you, for free, anywhere in the USA.

“Hey Folks,
Thanks for checking out our website!
I take great pride in our superior line of German Engineered FRESH BREEZE PPG’s , I truly believe we have the finest product in the PPG world. Not to mention, Incredible customer service, and devotion to safety by providing Free Training.   I believe these are just a few of the reasons that FLIGHTJUNKIES has become the largest, most Trusted PPG school In The entire USA with nearly 1000 students worldwide.
Thank you so much for your business and support! We look forward to helping you experience the most incredible form of flight on the planet!God Bless…and See You In The Air!”
Capt. Kurt Fister

Fresh Breeze Paramotors

Powered Paragliding Equipment - Paragliding wing for paramotoring / powered paragliding. Power Atlas and Silex wings are better than K2 wings, paramania, dudek, GTR, and macpara

Powered Paraglider Wings

Powered Paragliding Equipment

The Fly-Pod Trike

Powered Paragliding Equipment - Paragliding parts for paramotoring / powered paragliding. Best prices on Fresh Breeze parts to replace all your paraglider/paramotor. Beats any other line including Flat-Top, Nirvana, Black Hawk, Mini Plane, ParaJet, Top 80, Sky Cruiser, Paratoys, Black Devil, Corsair



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