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Welcome to our Shop…

We can get you any paramotor / paragliding parts/accessories you need, including lines for your wing.  We just didn’t list them all.  So….simply call and tell us what you need or just shoot us an email.  We usually ship the same day once we received payment.

We accept any type of check or money order.

Generally, 90% of Fresh Breeze parts are always in stock.

Live Customer Support open from

8:00 am – 12 midnight



Common Parts List:

Propeller (110 or 122)



Cage–quarter part

(any size motor)


Exhaust Donut, Large


Exhaust Donut, Small


Exhaust spring with nut and bolt (set) 5 X 55


Fuel Tank, XL


Maintenance Kit

$98.20  Airboss

$102.50 Simonini

$110.24 Monster

Intake Silencer


Pull starter Complete


Re-drive Belt

$30.91 Airboss / Simonini

$48.88 Monster

Throttle Assembly


Comm Helmet


Air filter


Kill Switch


Propeller Cover set


Spark Plug Cap


Soft J Bar Suspension


Speed Bar Riser


Trim Riser


Starter Pawl



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