Read and watch some actual FLIGHTJUNKIES reviews before you become a Flight Junkie yourself. Hear from actual people who have been through Capt. Kurt Fister’s powered paragliding free training and are now enjoying the freedom of flight! Don’t trust your training to just any amateur – Capt. Kurt has trained over 1,000 students with a perfect safety record.

Since people progress at different rates in training, Captain Kurt progresses your training to you personally, based on your understanding and comprehension. This type of training insures the utmost in your safety and enjoyment of this incredible sport.

The complete FLIGHTJUNKIES course guides the student from terminology of the equipment all the way through to the student’s first solo flight. Most students complete the PPG training course in three to five days, weather and student skills permitted. FLIGHTJUNKIES provides FREE and UNLIMITED training, so if it takes longer to be safe, that’s no problem… and NO CHARGE! Furthermore, he trains in all 50 states!

Click on any of the names below, and either read of their experiences (good and bad) that led them to FLIGHTJUNKIES and see their first flight reactions in some of the videos.  Enjoy!


Alex Toline (text) Capt. Andrew Davis (text) Mike Eudenbach (text)
Quinn Whitehead (video)

Don’t just watch others enjoy this incredible experience! Time for YOU to get started in the great sport of powered paragliding.

Learn more about our free training program, and then contact us to get started in your personal flight journey!



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