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The complete FLIGHTJUNKIES course will guide the student from terminology of the equipment all the way through to the student’s first solo flight. PPG training course is usually completed in about four days, weather and student skills permitted,  However… training is FREE and UNLIMITED..so if it takes longer to be safe..No Problem..and NO CHARGE!  No time limit.!

The first two days the student will learn Terminology and Maintenance of the complete gear, Equipment Preflight, Basic meteorology (weather to fly), Aviation regulations, Field set up, Kiting and Inflation techniques(forward and reverse) with a backpack engine, Foot launch techniques on a simulator and Full ground school on Theory, Flight patterns, landing procedures and more!
Once a student has mastered these techniques and has a clear understanding of the flight procedures, a third day will serve as the student’s dream day – your first flight solo!
After that we focus on more take offs and landings and just plain having FUN!
Since people progress at different rates in training, Captain Kurt will progress your training to you personally, based on your understanding and comprehension. This type of training insures the utmost in your safety and enjoyment of this incredible sport.  Later on, you may want to learn more.  If you have purchase from Flight Junkies, ALL training is FREE….this include all future classes. 

Capt. Kurt teaches all aspects of powered paragliding from BASIC FLIGHT TRAINING, BEGINNER AEROBATICS, ADVANCE AEROBATICS, TRIKE AND TANDEM.

  • Maintenance and Pre-flight of the equipmentAll aspect of the motor are covered during this training to keep your unit running top notch.
  • Ground SchoolingTeaching how it works, why it works, and avoiding hazards.
  • Pre-kite the wing
  • Kiting the wingCapt. Kurt is going to teach you all the tips and tricks that he has developed over the past 20 years of flying. LEARN FROM THE MASTER.
  • StimulatorLearn in-flight throttle control, steering, launching, landing, and much much more.
  • Hook up wing to harnessLearning how to hook up wing into the motor is crucial
  • Prefecting of kiting
  • Practice.....
  • Practice......
  • Ghost rider....All systems go....
  • The dream day.....YOUR FIRST SOLO!The training finally pays off and you're flying!!
Maintenance and Pre-flight of the equipment1 Ground Schooling2 Pre-kite the wing3 Kiting the wing4 Stimulator5 Hook up wing to harness6 Prefecting of kiting7 Practice.....8 Practice......9 Ghost rider....10 The dream day.....YOUR FIRST SOLO!11
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Hey Folks
Thanks for checking out our website!
I take great pride in our superior line of German Engineered FRESH BREEZE PPG’s ,
I truly believe we have the finest product in the PPG world. Not to mention, Incredible customer service, and devotion to safety by providing Free Training.
I believe these are just a few of the reasons that FLIGHTJUNKIES has become the
Largest, most Trusted PPG school In The entire USA with nearly 1000 students worldwide.
Thank you so much for your business and support!
We look forward to helping you experience the most incredible form of flight on the planet!
God Bless…and See You In The Air!
Capt. Kurt Fister”

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