Alex Toline

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“Kurt, your training has been excellent. Very efficient, tailored to the individual student’s level of understanding, challenging enough to keep it interesting, presented in a very positive atmosphere, presented by an instructor who certainly has explored all areas of powered paragliding himself, but still understands the problems a new student struggles with. And, on top of this, it’s free. So keep it up and I would recommend training with you to anybody, anytime.Gottfried Schiller

Michigan When I first saw a Powered Paraglider gracefully flying overhead, I was awestruck. The excitement and adrenaline rush that I get from windsurfing, racing sailboats, surfing, riding my motorcycle and other such sports, I knew I had to add Powered Paragliding to my list of must haves. With some initial investigation, I had found that the possibility of flying with minimal training (compared to airplane flying), few restrictions, and being affordable was, for the first time, within my reach. This thought of actually having the freedom to fly with little investment had me hooked and I knew I had to have one. I began the arduous task of long hours on the internet and phone.

Although an affordable way to fly, it was still a considerable investment for me, so I wanted to be very sure of the products and training before I made a commitment. After countless hours of researching and speaking with dealers and pilots from all over the US, my diligence paid off. I discovered Flight Junkies. I called a gentleman by the name of “Capt.” Kurt. Kurt was very eager to help me understand the sport of Powered Paragliding and what it would take to be a good and well-equipped pilot. After many thorough “no pressure” conversations with Kurt, I knew I was in the right place. Kurt explained to me everything I needed and did not need to be a good and safe pilot.

Of course, with so many on the market I was concerned about what Paramotor to buy. I had heard the name Fresh Breeze from talking with other dealers and pilots. Fresh Breeze came highly recommended from many other dealers and pilots, I even heard good things from some of their competitors. It was nice to hear that Flight Junkies proudly represented this make. I felt very comfortable with Flight Junkies and the products they represent. For this reason I was certain that I wanted to purchase a Fresh Breeze Paramotor from Flight Junkies and begin my adventures of flying.

It didn’t stop there. Kurt insisted that I receive proper training and offered to fly from Ohio to South Carolina to put my motor together and offer me FREE training. I accepted his generosity and upon his arrival on Thursday we began training, and I was flying by that Saturday. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually flying. Kurt continues to keep in touch and check up on my progress, always letting me know of PPG fly-ins and always offering additional FREE training.

From start to finish, I have nothing negative to say about Kurt and the gang at Flight Junkies. The service, training and representation of the highly innovative and quality driven Fresh Breeze Paramotors, I feel very comfortable about my decision to fly Powered Paragliders and to do business with Flight Junkies. I will recommend Flight Junkies to anyone and look forward to continued business with Captain Kurt and his team.”

Alex Toline
Charlestown, SC

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