We are celebrating our Millennial students!

FLIGHTJUNKIES has trained over 1,000 students. And just like their unlimited free training
This year’s event is 100% FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Good food… live music… good flying. Please sign up as a courtesy so that we have enough food for the event period.

As a courtesy please sign up no later than July 4th. Please register letting us know you’re coming. We look forward to seeing you… spread the word.




Cost: FREE!


Dates: July 27 – July 30, 2017 (Register by July 4th)


For Information: 330-554-9194



3412 State Route 82 (Levittsburg)

Newton Falls, Ohio 44444




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Are you thinking of attending a powered paragliding event this year?


Anyone will tell you in the powered paragliding industry, once they’ve been to a FLIGHT JUNKIES reunion all the other fly ins are just plain BORING!!


The other “Fly-ins” have nothing but rules and regulations and restrictions. You can’t even enjoy the freedom of flight. Just plain SUCKS.


BUT…at a FLIGHTJUNKIES reunion it’s all about the freedom of flight and having fun!


So fly ANY WAY you like. 


Aerobatics. Foot drags. Kicking rubber balls around the field after you swoop down. We love it all. No one’s going to be yelling at you over some headset telling you can’t do that.


And at a FLIGHTJUNKIES reunion, we have LIVE BANDS for your entertainment. If you’ve been here in the past you know the quality of the people we hire to play. Incredible! We also have a night of KARAOKE. So feel free to get up and show your talent!


Also you don’t go hungry at a FLIGHTJUNKIES reunion… MEALS ARE SERVED FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.


For your convenience we offer OUTDOOR SHOWERS for all the campers. What fly-in offers that? RV parking for the big laid out RVs.


Come and BE YOURSELF. Meet others with the same type of enjoyment of the sport. Feel free to bring your ATVs. We also have a canoe launch on a river that runs through our property. The Mahoning River is a slow-moving river which is great for kayaking and canoeing and it is jammed full of fish so drop a line if you like.

We are also located right next to a state park. There are three motels a mile and a half from the airfield in the town of Newton Falls.


Other clients are a joke and they charge $150 to get into a fly-in in most cases. None of them are offering outdoor showers… or bonfires… or feeding you Friday and Saturday night much less providing live bands and entertainment. At the same time they will be yelling at you for every aerobatic maneuver you do that breaks their lame rules.


At FLIGHTJUNKIES, the 2017 Fly-In is 100% FREE!!!


Feel free to bring SHOTGUNS OR PISTOLS, as many of us like to do TARGET PRACTICE and clay pigeon shoots. We encourage any type of entertainment during the day if any of you are MUSICIANS. Also feel free to bring FIREWORKS for evening entertainment. We will also be having a HUGE BONFIRE.


We are expecting several hundred Pilots. Don’t miss this chance to be one of them!


During the day there will be some teaching clinics for launch techniques put on by Captain Kurt.


Do not worry about your skill level. We all help each other at a FLIGHT JUNKIES reunion and all are welcome.


No ratings are required like other fly-ins. We at flight Junkies enjoy the freedom of America and the freedom of flight. The FAA requires no ratings, no certificates. No age limit. No medical exams. NOTHING. Therefore neither do we.


If you attend another fly-in and they ask for these things, don’t waste your time! Just come to the FLIGHTJUNKIES Reunion where you can always be assured of an amazing time with the freedom of flight, not the restrictions.


And there’s no such thing as a P1 or P2 rating. If you’ve been scammed into thinking you need this to fly, we’re sorry to hear that. You need no rating to fly at a FLIGHTJUNKIES reunion. Your ratings are worthless here. The government doesn’t require them and neither do we. If you’ve wasted time or money chasing ratings, you’ve been duped.

So come as you are

and have the best time of your life.

Enjoy flying the way it was meant to be.


Many participants start arriving early – up to a week and a half early! That’s fine with us. However July 27th is the official starting day. Come as early as you want but whatever you do DON’T BE LATE.


This is the best flying of the year,





I look forward to seeing you there. God bless! Please send any communication to:


3412 Route 82
Newton Falls, Ohio 44444

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