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What Paraglider Wing is best for me in this Powered Paragliding sport?

There’s a lot of controversy out there when it comes to purchasing a Powered Paraglider wing.

Many of the dealers sell the brand that they do based on 1 major component… You might not guess what that component is. … Well, it’s actually profit margin.

People always ask me which Paraglider wing do you think is best for me?
There is so much information out there that it can be downright confusing.  It can almost make your head start spinning.  The most important safety feature other than training in the sport of power paragliding or paramotoring (as it’s referred to) is the paraglider wing.

This Ultralight Sport is the most portable… the most affordable.  And can be the safest form of flight on the planet…. That’s if a few key ingredients are in the mix.
The 2 most critical choices people make a mistake on is training and equipment. Especially, which paraglider wing to fly.
Today I would like to tell you a little bit about the paraglider itself. And which glider should be the right one for you. When you’re picking a paraglider, your body weight and the weight of the paramotor as well as the power of the paramotor should be the first to take in consideration…as well as the altitude of your area.  All of this to determine what SIZE paraglider wing you should fly.

Next…we get into Ratings and paraglider wing design…Rating will affect the performance of the wing.

A beginner paraglider wing is sometimes a bit slow and sluggy when it comes to responsiveness..BUT..is extremely SAFE.  If you should ever have a collapse on a beginner paraglider wing, it will correct itself nearly every time and very quickly WITH ZERO PILOT INPUT.

Advanced paraglider wings are sporty, more maneuverable, and more responsive….BUT unlike a beginner paraglider wing which will recover with almost ZERO pilot experience or Know-how.  The Advanced paraglider wing can have less likely hood of a recovery if there is a collapse…a high price to pay for a bit more speed.

The INTERMEDIATE paraglider wing in my opinion, is the best choice. They are generally quicker…more maneuverable than a beginner wing, better glide, easier to launch, sporty…But without sacrificing self recovery in a collapse.

 NEXT… let’s talk about the many different paraglider brands on the market.  Again there are so many convincing arguments about which paraglider you should fly.

Ladies and gentlemen, it does not have to be this confusing. I’m going to show you how to cut through the crap.

It’s SIMPLE….Just ask yourself…

“What is it that I want my paraglider to do?”

1)     Do you want a paraglider wing that is safe and extremely resistant to collapse?

2)    Do you want a paraglider that will correct ITSELF if you should ever put it into trouble with a collapse?

3)    Do you want a paraglider that will launch easily in very low wind conditions?

4)    Do you want to buying 4 different paragliders to do all the applications you’re going to want to do?  Or would you just rather buy ONE glider that will do everything?

5) Do you want a wing that is built stronger and made to last a long time. Or one that will wear out in a year or two making you spend another couple thousand dollars?

6) Do you want one that cuts through bumpy air and has great penetration?

Many people buy a glider for doing aerobatics.  They purchase another glider to do cross country; they do another glider because it works better with their trike.  They purchase another glider because it’s made for free flying instead of paramotor flying, and then another motor for their just everyday flying.  That’s thousands of dollars !!!

My question is… What if there was ONE glider that did aerobatics very well?… Had a great glide ratio for cross country?… Got you up off the ground very quickly in low wind?… Worked great for foot launching or with a trike?  What if that paraglider wing was a hybrid of a motor glider AND a free flying paraglider wing all in one so you could soar with or without the motor?  And what if it was built a little stronger and longer lasting than the other wings on the market such as slightly thicker lines, double re-enforced connection point, color coded lines, higher internal pressure to resist collapsing, and had extra goodie like flight trimmers and short risers? 


If you would rather purchase ONE glider instead of 5 without sacrificing safety or having to upgrade to something sportier when your skill level increases then I have 2 words for you…


There are a lot of great gliders on the market. But The POWER ATLAS BY EDEL  is my absolute favorite. It is an extremely safe yet sporty paraglider. You will never have to upgrade to another wing.  It’s built a little stronger and longer lasting. And it performs in any application. Whether you want to go on a cross-country flying or you want to putt around town.. Weather you using a trike or whether you foot launching or whether you’re free flying… The POWER ATLAS does everything extremely well!  It is design to be very resistant to collapsing. I have never had a collapse on this paraglider wing and I have been flying it for over 10 years.
It’s quick… it’s sporty yet it doesn’t sacrifice safety. And you won’t need upgrade to anything else in the future. I sell more of these wings than any other brand out there. It’s the wing that I fly personally. It truly is my favorite of all. And it’s a great value; sometimes almost $1000 cheaper than other paraglider wings of lesser quality.  Incredible!

Training for Your Maiden Flight

[singlepic id=80 w=320 h=240 float=left]  Training for powered paragliding is a process where in a matter of a few days you will end your initial training with your maiden flight.  Leading up to the flight there are a number of principals of flight and, specifically, powered paragliding that you will need to learn.  The training is hands on and the outdoors is your classroom.  Safety is always paramount in the learning schedule.  So, don’t expect to fly above the clouds on your first flight.  Keep in mind that most powered paragliding is done under 500 feet.  That said, here are some of the methods that I have used to train almost 800 students:


Which Paramotor Is the Best for Me?

Fresh Breeze SimoniniWhich paramotor is best for you?  That depends on a number of factors including your weight and skill level.  After you gain a fair amount of experience, you will develop your own preferences.  In the meantime, these are the questions you should be asking:

1. What features and specs should I be looking for if I am new to the sport and purchasing my first paramotor?

Wings and Things

[singlepic id=48 w=320 h=240 float=left]There’s an old southern quip that goes “A chicken is just a bird. The wing ‘s the thing.”  What that means is…  I haven’t a clue.  But in powered paragliding, the wing is the “thing” and a very important “thing”.  The selection of the correct wing that is appropriate for the pilot’s size and skill level is extremely important.  The pictured here with the FlightJunkies.com is Capt. Kurt’s favorite wing from Edel, the Powered Atlas.

Freedom of Spirit

[singlepic id=35 w=320 h=240 float=left]  Sometimes words cannot express certain feelings.  To soar where eagles glide is simply a religious experience.  It frees the spirit.  To take in so much of God’s creation in such a personal way, all alone in Grace is an unforgettable experience.  Not a religious person?  Not a believer?  Take a flight like the one shown here and as Master Yoda said to Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back, “Oh, you will be.  You will be.”

Powered Paragliding is for the Birds

[singlepic id=16 w=320 h=240 float=left]Paragliding is the closest thing to flying like a bird that you can experience. In fact they may even follow you.